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15 Respostas para “Pipininão”

  1. 09Samily Diz:

    Que fofo!!

  2. binkkytube Diz:

    @wolfwolfenstein thank goodness someone else can see the dog is fine. people huh?

  3. pokemon833 Diz:

    It may seem like he is abusing the dog, but I think different. Wouldn’t the dog be frightened and barking, snarling and stuff like that if it were? Besides, it(i say it, because im too scared to look closer. :l) looks like a well-groomed, beautiful dog, does it not?


    i’d be funny if the dog said in a scarface ” don’t fuck with me”

  5. Sk8erLj92 Diz:

    @wolfwolfenstein couldn’t have wrote it better

  6. EltonCarlosMaciel Diz:

    o seu eh igual o meu da risada e depois espirra.

  7. EltonCarlosMaciel Diz:

    o seu eh igual o meu
    da risada e depois espirra usashashuahsuahsu

  8. arthur6667 Diz:

    mt fodaa!!!!
    ele fica rindo no final??

    sou fan do nino auihauiah

  9. Gabzaiat Diz:

    ahhh que bonitinho!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah

  10. tiriquiquito Diz:

    Mistura de Brabo com alegre sei la !! kkkkkkkkk !

  11. zabbestpriest Diz:

    your dog is crazy like you haha :P

  12. titomayer232 Diz:

    Esse teu cachorro é muito engraçado!

  13. wolfwolfenstein Diz:

    Dude, trolls, shut the fuck up. This guy’s dog is obviously just a bit of a spaz; not some poor abused creature his owner hates. He’s joking the whole fucking time just to make it funny!!! And look at what beautiful condition the dog is in…his fur is shiny and beautiful, hes well fed, and hes active and energetic. For all we know, the owner trained this dog how to be this funny. So just calm down, christ almighty. If you want to see real animal cruelty, watch Animal Precinct. Dipshits

  14. cassapop Diz:

    thats really mean to do to your dog, they love you no matter wat,and you treat them like that.

  15. Posaha Diz:

    Fuck you asshole, do this shit one more time and ill come to your house and take your slipper and punch your brain out with it fucking idiot.

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